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About Us

Speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves.
About Wolf-dogs, wolfdogs and wolf-dog hybrids

We Are

Entities Against The Breeding And Trafficking Wolf-Dog Circus

We are driven by understanding, empathy and compassion. Our backgrounds include wolf-dog ownership, rescue, education, and caregiving, as well as large northern breed domestic dog ownership, adoption and training.

"People that are fighting to end the breeding and trafficking of inherently wild animals into unnatural and physically and psychologically uncomfortable lives of private and commercial (nonprofit and for-profit business) possession are objective, reasonable, understanding, compassionate and critical thinking people.

The solution is not trying to educate the public to successfully keep wild animals, the solution is to take away the public's opportunity to legally get their hands on them. The captive bred wolf and wolf-dog travesty is out of control and the public needs to hear from those "in the know" that breeding and trafficking wolves and wolf-dogs is as wrong as breeding and trafficking any other wild animals. And large carnivorous apex predators should be at the top of the list to protect from the exotic pet trade.

We've all seen photos and videos of people cuddling polar bears, lions, tigers, hyenas, cougars, dolphins, orcas, orangutans, wolves, etc., etc., but giving a pass to the private breeding and trafficking of wild animals IS giving a pass to all of the physical and psychological suffering that wild animals actually have to endure as prisoners of 'love'.

These people fight to raise awareness and expose an unscrupulous wolf and wolf-dog industry that perpetuates an exotic pet trade. These people fight for a genuine solution — end the private breeding and trafficking of wolves and wolf-dogs."

~ Rory Zoerb

Our Mission

It is our mission to raise awareness and support for nationwide legislation that criminalizes the private breeding and trafficking of wolves and wolf-dogs.

Our Position

It is our position that breeding inherent "wildness" into a canine for a life of unnatural and physically and psychologically uncomfortable private and commercial possession is as morally criminal as it is ridiculous.

Our Vision

It is our vision to see the end of a nonprofit and for-profit "wolf" industry that perpetuates an exotic pet trade — the breeding, trafficking and promotion of wolves and wolf-dogs as pets.

Our Challenge

It is our challenge to counter the misleading and self-serving misinformation widely spread by wolf and wolf-dog breeders, traffickers, promoters and for-profit and nonprofit organizations.