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Entities Against The Breeding And Trafficking Wolf-Dog Circus


The Goal

Raise awareness and pass nationwide legislation to end the private and commercial breeding and trafficking of wolves and wolf-dogs.


Exposed in these pages will be uncomfortable, controversial and easily verified truths regarding wolf-dogs and the deceit that surrounds them. The wolf and wolf-dog industry owes its growth to con artists (breeders, traffickers, self promoting wolf-dog owners, unscrupulous "nonprofits" and for-profits) and their dishonest representations to an unsuspecting public.

Ever wonder how individuals and "nonprofits" are getting "wolf" puppies? Are they "wolves"? Where are they getting so-called "wolves" from? Directly from wolf-dog breeders? Are some "nonprofits" breeding there own? Is there an "underground" breeding exchange between "nonprofits"?

When we seek answers we get ignored, our questions deleted, a vague and misleading response and/or blocked. Why all the smoke and mirrors instead of transparency and truth?

Consider the following:

  • Have wolf and wolf-dog nonprofits that once genuinely rescued for principled reasons turned into "wolf" petting zoos and publicly financed "living with wolves" lifestyles for wolf enthusiasts and self-promoters?
  • Have wolf and wolf-dog nonprofits become obvious and not so obvious marketing agencies for wolf-dog breeders?
  • Are wolf and wolf-dog nonprofits the cleanup crews that enable an unscrupulous industry to continue and even expand right under the nose of a misled and unsuspecting public?
  • Have young and otherwise naive, impressionable and malleable staff, volunteers and interns at wolf and wolf-dog nonprofits been misled, or even recruited, via various forms of ego baiting to serve as unwitting or witting promoters of the very tragedy that originally attracted their desire to help?
  • Are wolf and wolf-dog nonprofits, for-profits, breeders, traffickers, promoters and enthusiasts hiding selfish and unethical enthusiasms and activities behind a "wolf conservation" smoke screen?
  • The growing number of wolf and wolf-dog "nonprofits" popping up all over the US is very telling. Are you listening?

Did you know that scam artists play to emotions, not intelligence? The most successful cons hinge on desire — what can the con artist offer the victim that will make them abandon rational thought (critical thinking) for the promise of fantasy.

"See the wolf puppies", "Meet a wolf", "Get kissed by a wolf", "Get your picture with a wolf", "Play with wolves", "Walk with wolves", etc., etc..

Are wolf and wolf-dog "nonprofits" part of the solution, or are they part of the problem?

Staff, volunteers and interns in many "wolf" (wolf-dog) nonprofit "rescue, entertainment and care" (REC) organizations are promoting an exotic pet trade! Yes, you read that correctly. Young and otherwise naive, impressionable and malleable staff, volunteers and interns at nonprofits are misled and recruited to serve as witting and unwitting promoters of the private possession of the wild animals they rescue from an exotic pet trade. Who is misleading and recruiting them? The wolf and wolf-dog industry establishment and so-called "ethical" exotic animal breeders and traffickers (the "wolf" suppliers) that have long standing relationships with nonprofit REC centers... nonprofit REC centers they depend on to "educate" (mislead & misinform) the public and sweep the wolf-dog travesty under the rug. Imagine if nonprofit wolf REC centers used their influential voices to officially and publicly speak out against the breeding and trafficking of their exotic prisoners of "love".

Ask yourself this: Why won't wolf and wolf-dog "nonprofits" speak out against the breeding and trafficking of wolves and wolf-dogs in any published documentation? Short answer: they don't want to bite (inhibit) the hands (breeders & traffickers) that feed (replenish) their selfish enthusiasms and paychecks.

The Problem

Wolf and wolf-dog breeding, trafficking and promoting is an exotic pet trade, exploitation and wildlife perversion that creates unnatural and uncomfortable living arrangements between humans and wild (to one degree or another) canines —
true wolf-dogs.

Much like born in the wild wolves, true wolf-dogs, especially true high content wolf-dogs, are born with powerfully instinctual and wildly intense drives to, among other things, be unrestrained and avoid humans. Forced imprisonment in escape-proof enclosures and forced socialization with humans may eventually decrease, (to one degree or another), the negative physiological and psychological response to the unnatural world of private and commercial human possession that they are bred to live in.

"In psychology, genetic memory is a memory present at birth that exists in the absence of sensory experience, and is incorporated into the genome over long spans of time. It is based on the idea that common experiences of a species become incorporated into its genetic code, not by a Lamarckian process that encodes specific memories but by a much vaguer tendency to encode a readiness to respond in certain ways to certain stimuli." ~ Wikipedia (2019.04.07)

Unlike the comfortable lives of domestic dogs, "wolves" and true wolf-dogs live uncomfortable lives in private and commercial captivity. Behind the scenes of the exploitive "wolf" and wolf-dog photographs and videos you see in a variety of media are the uncomfortable truths that wolf and wolf-dog enthusiasts and exploiters rarely share.

Wolf and wolf-dog enthusiasts (breeders, promoters, wannabe owners and for-profit and nonprofit staff and volunteers), by and large, are inspired and driven by ego and self-gratification. And attempting to appeal to the sense of right and wrong in people that are inspired and driven by ego and self-gratification consistently proves to be a futile effort.

Pseudo-sanctuary "wolf-dog education" is a significant problem that continues to expand the wolf and wolf-dog industry (circus) and resulting travesty. In spite of the desire to "properly" and "responsibly" keep them as "pets" and "rescues", true wolf-dogs ("wolf hybrids") and so-called "wolves" are, to one degree or another, wild animals that suffer physically and psychologically in private and commercial captivity no matter how successful the captors want their efforts to appear to the public.

The breeding and trafficking of wolves and wolf-dogs continues to force wild canines into frustrating lives of individual and "nonprofit" possession and exploitation.

"The law divides animals into two classes, domesticated animals, or domitae naturae, and wild animals, or ferae naturae.

Domestic animals are those which are naturally tame and gentle, or which by long association with man have become thoroughly domesticated and are now reduced to such a state of subjection to his will that they no longer possess the disposition or inclination to escape.

Wild animals are those which possess a wild nature or disposition and so require to be reclaimed and made tame by art, industry, or education or else must be kept in confinement to be brought within the immediate power of the owner.

The fact that a particular animal is kept for a socially valuable purpose does not prevent it from being a wild animal; the test is whether the animals are as a class recognized by custom as devoted to the service of mankind.... Where wild animals, such as lions, are involved, the common law imposes strict liability upon owners, keepers or harborers.... No member of such a species, however domesticated, can ever be regarded as safe, and liability does not rest upon any experience with the particular animal." ~ Duhaime's Law Dictionary

The Solution

Raise awareness and pass laws that will end the private breeding and trafficking of wolves and wolf-dogs nationwide.


Make it a criminal offense to:

  1. Privately possess any canine that tests* positive for significant Wolf DNA (confirmed Wolf or Wolf-Dog) without a special permit which defines and enforces specific environmental requirements (proposed environmental requirements and "grandfather assistance" designed to not break existing bonds and insure adequate care to be defined in adjunct documentation)
  2. Privately breed any canine that tests* positive for significant Wolf DNA (confirmed Wolf or Wolf-Dog)
  3. Privately sell any canine that tests* positive for significant Wolf DNA (confirmed Wolf or Wolf-Dog)
  4. Privately traffic any canine that tests* positive for significant Wolf DNA (confirmed Wolf or Wolf-Dog)
  5. Privately advertise any canine described as part or pure (full) "Wolf"
  6. Privately solicit for any canine described as part or pure (full) "Wolf"
  7. Privately export any canine that tests* positive for significant Wolf DNA (confirmed Wolf or Wolf-Dog)
  8. Privately import any canine that tests* positive for significant Wolf DNA (confirmed Wolf or Wolf-Dog)

* Wolf DNA test to be determined.


"... there is a case for allowing the current generations of wolfdogs to naturally pass away without further breeding." — Alex Hibbert

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